Wills, Trusts and Estates

The JC Law Group, LLC: Guiding Our Clients through the Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning Process

Making plans for wills, trusts and estates inevitably leads us to begin thinking about end of life and mortality, which we understand is not an easy thing to do. Clients come to The JC Law Group, LLC because they know they’re working with skilled professionals. Not only do we assist them with estate planning laws, but we will also be sensitive to the difficult nature of this process. Planning for our clients’ futures is a crucial task that we take very seriously.

What can our clients expect when coming to us for their estate planning needs?

  • Drafting wills (simple or complex)
  • Reviewing wills you currently have
  • Probate of wills in the state of Maryland
  • Estate planning services (assisting in tax questions, distribution of assets, guardianship, etc.)
  • Drafting trusts
  • Drafting living wills
  • Drafting powers of attorney (healthcare directives)

Through skilled guidance and planning we help our clients feel confident about their future decisions. They can appreciate the fact that we are aware of the important task of planning for the needs and well being of their loved ones. Estate planning can be a tedious and emotional task. Therefore we make sure you feel completely comfortable and empowered in your choices that you seek for yourself and for your family.

We offer a complementary first consultation in order to determine how we can be of service. Contact us today so we can take a closer look at your estate, trusts and wills needs. Our telephone number in our Upper Marlboro, Maryland office is (240) 561-9048.